2014 Outstanding Achievement Award

oha_logo_lrg osbhcn_tranquil_logoThe School-Based Health Alliance is pleased to present the 2014 Outstanding Achievement Award to the Oregon School-Based Health Alliance (OSBHA) and the Oregon Health Authority Division of Public Health. Over the past decade, OSBHA and the Oregon Health Authority have joined forces to strengthen, grow, and integrate school-based health centers (SBHCs) into the state’s health care transformation efforts. The results of their combined efforts speak for themselves:

  • The number of state-certified SBHCs has grown by 50 percent—from 42 to 65 SBHCs
  • State investment in SBHCs has grown by 300 percent—from $3 million to $8 million
  • 43 percent of SBHCs are certified as patient-centered medical homes
  • 71 percent of SBHCs are represented in their local accountable care organization’s governance
  • committee

We applaud this impressive public-private partnership, which offers direction and hope for the school-based health care movement in other states.


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