‘Be the Change’ Youth Training Program


Held annually during the convention, the ‘Be the Change’ Youth Training Program brings young people age 14-18 together to:

  • Develop leadership and advocacy skills
  • Have fun with hands-on activities and field trips
  • Learn about policies affecting school-based health centers (SBHCs)
  • Network with experts in the SBHC field
  • Learn how to make positive changes for teen health
  • Connect with other teen leaders from around the country
  • Engage-Advocate-Impact-Lead

See the 2017 ‘Be the Change’ Program Agenda.

Reflections from Past Participants

“It was great to experience what adults do and that they included youth—because we really are the future—it’s not just a cliché. At a young age, we get a better understanding and can create positive change for the future.”

“This was my first conference, and it made me feel like I’m not alone. It also made me realize that, no matter how small your youth group may be, you can still accomplish a lot.”

“I got a lot of new ideas to bring back home to change my community and school. It woke me up and opened my eyes to seeing so many different programs doing wonderful things and ideas and stories that others have.”

“Having the adults so engaged in what we were saying was a great experience—like what we said and our ideas really mattered. They wanted to involve us, not just feeling like they had to involve us, but actually wanted to hear what we had to say.”

“I appreciate there was an actual Youth Program. I’ve been to other conferences where we were just with the adults and many of the topics didn’t necessarily directly apply to us.  Our Youth Program was presented in a way that was engaging for us as youth. When we mingled with the adults, it gave us the right information to take in at our level.”

“It was interesting to see how youth from around the country are dealing with similar issues as your own schools and communities–and how we can make positive changes for the future.”

Scholarships Available!

Scholarships are available to help students attend the ‘Be the Change’ Youth Training Program by covering the cost of the hotel for the duration of the program.

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