Poster Presentations

2018 Convention to Feature 30 Informative Posters

photo of attendees at a 2016 Convention poster sessionThis year’s poster session boasts 30 educational posters providing the latest research, developments, products, and partnerships in school-based health. Listed below are the titles for each poster that will be on display. Click the title to see a description of the poster.

Athletic Training in a School-based health center: Next steps in interprofessional practice and community health
Real Talk: How a Small Sex-Ed Program Reaches Teens Through SBHCs Across the State of Delaware
Exploring Changes in Parents’ School-Based Health Center Enrollment Decisions Over Time: Lessons for outreach
Trauma-Sensitivity: What Works with Kids?
Using Sexual History Data and Motivational Interviewing to Reduce Adolescent Risk Behavior
Helping Students Exposed to Trauma
Understanding adolescents’ perception of health through PhotoVoice at a School Based Health Center (SBHC)
Building a Student Ambassador Program: How One SBHC Increased Utilization by 32% in One Year
Program Evaluation of a Chill Room in a Public School
Empowerment of Adolescents Through a Self-Transformative Intervention
Using an E-Health Tool for Substance Use Screening and Intervention in SBHCs
Improving and Sustaining your SBHC Practice through QI: Taking Action on Asthma
Innovative Uses of Marketing to increase SBHC Awareness
The Convergence of Education and Health – Big Picture Planning at Your School
SBHC’s Engaging, Educating, & Empowering Young People to End Abusive Relationships
Expanding the Medical Home: Barriers and Strategies for SBHC-PCP Collaboration
Empowering ʻŌpio (next generation): Student-Centered, Community-Engaged School-based Health Services and Health Education
PCMH and my role as an LPN
Quality Improvement Measures: Reducing the Rate of Missed Dental Appointments in the School Based Health Center
Implementation of School-Based Immunization Clinics in Response to Changes in State Mandates
Maximizing the Impact of School-Based STI Screening
Collaborative Problem Based Learning to Foster School Health Innovation: Focusing on Trauma Informed Schools
Creating sustainable school health advisory councils using quality improvement principals
“Bringing Smiles”: Eliminating barriers for access to dental services in NYC schools”
He, She, They and Zie: Patient-Centered Care for Transgender Adolescents
Quality Counts! Tracking National Performance Measures: A Local Perspective
Promoting Student Mental Health and Preventing Youth Violence Using the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Comprehensive Framework
Dashboard to Success
Free2Be: Demonstrating the Value of SBHC Support for Delaware’s LGBTQ+
Role of Physician Assistants and Nurse Practioners in Care of Trafficked Children
Pay for Performance: an innovative approach to SBHC sustainability
A School-based Approach to Evidence-based Psychopharmacological Treatment