Poster Presentations

2017 Convention to Feature 45 Informative Posters

photo of attendees at a 2016 Convention poster sessionThis year’s poster session boasts 45 educational posters providing the latest research, developments, products, and partnerships in school-based health. Listed below are the titles for each poster that will be on display. Click the title to see a description of the poster.

Embarking on A New Approach to Teen Pregnancy Prevention: A Charter School Pilot
Children's Oral Health Needs and Behaviors: Changes after Establishment of a School-Based Free Dental Clinic
Trauma-informed care and restorative practices with youth vulnerable to gang involvement and other high risk behaviors.
Partnering with Medicaid MCOs to Address Unmet Healthcare Needs and Optimize SBHC Utilization
The Perfect Trifecta: How Sixteen SBHCs, a Non-profit organization and a University Collaborate on Research to Improve the Adolescent Patient Experience
Fitnessgram Screening in an urban K-8: Acceptability and Logistics
Creating a Comprehensive Wellness Program at an Inner City Public School
Building A Parent Advisory Team: What are some process considerations?
From Vision to Implementation: Lessons Learned from Building a Partnership between a Local Charter School and The University of Chicago Medicine
Vision Screening Pilot in Public Schools: Nurse lead coordination in use of an interactive videogame screening tool
Implementation of Syndromic Surveillance in School-Based Health Clinics in Rural Georgia
Vision 2020: Implementing A Successful SBHC that Thrives In the Future
Utilizing School-Based Asthma Therapy to Improve Outcomes for Poorly Controlled Asthma
Highway to 100% Enrollment
SmileConnect: Leveraging Untapped Resources to Address Children's Oral Health Disparities Nationwide
Improving HPV Immunization Coverage through School-Based Health Centers
School-Based Safe Space: The Impact of SBHC Support on Gay-Straight Alliances for Delaware’s LGBT Youth Population
Asthma Coaching with a Twist: Different Settings, Same Great Results
A Risk Stratification Algorithm to Identify and Prioritize Students with Asthma in a Low-income Urban Elementary/Middle School
Does Having a Trauma-informed Staff Effect Disciplinary Referrals
Building a Trauma-informed Community Before the Crisis
Mission Possible: Enhancing Interprofessional Collaborative Practice between Nutrition and Mental Health Services in an Urban SBHC
Partners for Lawrence Youth: A Multidisciplinary, Multiagency Response to Teen Pregnancy and STD Rates
Healthy and Ready to Learn: From Pilot Program to Dissemination Platform
Youth Development and Peer Provided Services in Community and School Based Health
“The Missing Link!" Addressing the Social Determinants of Health Linkages to Learning at SBHCs
Human Trafficking Awareness: Implications for School Nurses and Educators
Trauma-informed Classrooms and Schools
Flight, Fight, Fidget: Addressing the Effects of Trauma on School Aged Children by Using EMDR to Promote Success In and Out of Our Schools.
Ask-A-Doc Assembly Intervention and Implementation Process
#Community Learning Rocks
Lessons in Tooth Brushing Everyday
Lettuce Work Together for a Healthier Lifestyle: Designing a Multidisciplinary School-Based Obesity Intervention
Evaluating the Delivery of School-Based, Patient-centered Medical Home Services in Los Angeles
Safe, Healthy, and Ready to Learn – How Data Drives Collaboration between School-Based Health Centers and School Nurses to Promote Population Health
An Implementation and Evaluation Plan to Remove Operational Barriers for School-Based Health Centers to Provide Adolescent Vaccines
Community Engagement: Building Trust in a Marginalized Population
A Novel Multidisciplinary Approach to Expanded School-Based Vision Screening
Evaluation of SBHC Clinical Experiences in a Baccalaureate Nursing Program