National SBHC Data

Accurate and current data are important in describing the SBHC landscape, identifying strengths and challenges, understanding baseline information, and monitoring progress. Exploring and analyzing data often go hand-in-hand with quality assessment and improvement.

Data Tools and Reports

National Census: School-Based Health Alliance conducts a triennial national survey of school-based, school-linked, and mobile health centers. This online survey provides the field with accurate, up-to-date data about SBHC demographics, staffing, services, policies, utilization, financing, prevention activities, and clinical policies. The next National Census will be fielded in Fall 2011.

The current National Census Summary Report highlights data from the 2010-2011 school year. Summary Reports from previous Census include:

National Data from School Year 2007-08 Census
National Data from School Year 2004-05 Census
National Data from School Year 2001-02 Census
National Data from School Year 1998-99 Census

Additionally, School-Based Health Alliance members can access state fact sheets based on the National Census data (if the state’s response rate was equal to or greater than the national response rate).

State Policy Survey: A national survey to assess the current status of state-level public policies and activities that promote the growth and sustainability of school based and school connected health services.

Key SBHC Data by State: Visit our interactive map, which provides a state-by-state look at the most up-to-date statistics on everything school-based health center-related including: the total number of SBHCs, allocation of state and federal funding, and contacts for state SBHC programs and advocacy organizations.