• 2013-14 School-Based Health Center Census
    The School-Based Health Alliance has launched the 2013-14 School-Based Health Center Census! Data about your health center will help us track how we are at the forefront of providing high-quality, comprehensive health care to children and adolescents in schools.

    If you complete the census during our initial summer push (July 1- August 15), you will be entered into a raffle to win a $100 gift card. Finish the census within 10 days of starting, and your name will be entered into the raffle twice. If you have questions, please contact us at

  • New Grants Lead to Exciting Programs from the School-Based Health Alliance
    The School-Based Health Alliance is pleased to announce that we have received grants from the Atlantic Philanthropies and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation in June. These grants will support the school-based health care movement by providing valuable resources, trainings, and programs.

    Our grant from the Atlantic Philanthropies is a $2.5 million grant, distributed over a three-year period. This funding will be used to:

    • establish a data center to demonstrate the full power of SBHCs to current and emerging health care markets and other stakeholders;
    • create a multi-state public-private funders policy collaborative to advance policies that support and value the full integration of school-based health care within emerging organizational and financial models; and
    • develop a school health leadership fellows program to engage and prepare younger school-based health care advocates to fill the knowledge and experience void left by departing long-time experts and advocates.

    The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation provided the School-Based Health Alliance with a $250,000 grant distributed over two years to address the growing public health concern of adolescent substance abuse in the United States. The School-Based Health Alliance will use this funding to equip school-based health care professionals with the necessary skills to implement a screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT) approach with students who are most at-risk of abusing drugs and alcohol.

  • New Directions for School-Based Health
    The School-Based Health Alliance is pleased to partner with the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust to create the next generation of school-based health centers (SBHCs). The New Directions for School-Based Health Grant—funded by CVS Caremark Charitable Trust and administered by the School-Based Health Alliance—will build the capacity of the school-based health care field to become integrated and active participants in the larger health care ecosystem through policy and practice solutions.