Health and education can have a powerful impact when they intersect on behalf of children and adolescents.

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About SBHCThose who are unfamiliar with the school-based health care (SBHC) model should begin here. This section provides a brief overview of what SBHC is, what it does, and who pays for it. For more detailed information, check out our core competencies.

Our Stories: These six compelling stories will allow you to experience SBHC through the eyes of our children and youth.

SBHC Video Library: Produced by our state affiliates and school-based health funders, these videos offer a quick synopsis of SBHC services, benefits, and outcomes.

National Census of SBHCs: The School-Based Health Alliance conducts this triennial national survey of school-based, school-linked, mobile health, and telehealth programs to ensure it has the most up-to-date data about school-based health locations, staffing models, services provided, populations serviced, and funding sources.

Health and Learning: Young people today face a myriad of health issues that affect their learning. See what the latest research has to say about these issues and how school-based health providers intervene.