Confidentiality, EHRs, & Web Portals: A New Frontier


  • Abigail English, JD, Director of Center for Adolescent Health & the Law, Chapel Hill, NC

Maintaining the confidentiality of adolescents’ health information in electronic health records (EHRs) and web portals presents numerous challenges for health care professionals and administrators. Some of the challenges are technical ones associated with the structure and format of these electronic tools. Other challenges are associated with the specific laws that apply to confidential health information, both those that protect privacy and those that require specific communications. This webinar explores the challenges and the relevant laws in the context of EHRs and web portals in the health center environment and considers possible strategies for addressing the challenges.

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This is the fifth and final webinar in a series by Abigail English, JD, on confidentiality. The topics of the five webinars in the series have included a basic introduction to adolescent consent and confidentiality under state and federal law as well as confidentiality issues related to billing and insurance claims, electronic health records and web portals, and services for LGBTQ youth. In January 2017, the Alliance provided an additional opportunity to listen to the webinars and pose questions related to their subject matter. Questions selected for response have been revised to make the responses relevant for a broad audience located in different states. To view these questions and review Abigail’s responses, please click on the button below.

Abigail English: Q&A on Confidentiality