Public-Private Funders Policy Collaborative to Sustain SBHCs

States Seek Policies to Assure Place for School-Based Health Centers in Redesigned Health Systems

With the goal of positioning school-based health centers (SBHCs) more prominently within state health care finance and delivery reforms, the School-Based Health Alliance is spearheading a multistate, 18-month policy learning collaborative. The Alliance has recruited teams comprised of our state affiliates, representatives from public sector funders (state SBHC program office and Medicaid) and philanthropy, and school-based health care advocates.

The purpose of the collaborative is to ensure the preventive health needs of school-aged youth—and the essential community health models like SBHCs that meet those needs—are a pillar for health care transformation. The teams are tasked with developing a policy framework that secures both a role and reimbursement for SBHCs in their respective state’s delivery and payment reform strategies.

Lessons learned during the collaborative are being used to support and advance state and national advocacy efforts. The following state affiliate organizations are participating in the policy collaborative:

For more information about the state teams’ progress, we encourage you to review the webinar presentations on cross team learning and endpoint learning.

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