State Affiliates

The School-Based Health Alliance is privileged to work with a group of state organizations that share our vision that all children and adolescents are healthy and achieving at their fullest potential.

While our focus is on the national level, these organizations represent the school-based health care movement at the state and local levels.

The majority of these organizations are independent nonprofits. Others have joined similar-minded nonprofit groups to represent school-based health care concerns. Many have chosen to become State Affiliates. In some states, stakeholders are developing an organization to represent the interests of school-based health care that will affiliate with the School-Based Health Alliance. We consider these groups to be Emerging Affiliates. A few states have state organizations but have determined they are not able to meet the requirements of School-Based Health Alliance affiliation.

Interested in Forming a State Affiliate?

The School-Based Health Alliance and State Affiliates create a formal relationship built on an agreement to share in the School-Based Health Alliance’s mission, vision, and core values. We support each other by building a comprehensive coalition and a grassroots movement to advance a federal policy agenda that supports and strengthens school-based health care. By working nationally and locally, we make the school-based health care movement more viable, effective, and sustainable. Email us at to learn more about state affiliation.

State Affiliates

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